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    PDF Cropping

    If you open a PDF on a computer, it usually looks a lot like a real sheet of paper, complete with white margins all around the page. On a computer with a big screen, this doesn’t matter much.

    However, on a mobile device, those white margins can make viewing the document tricky. You might want to crop a PDF to remove these margins so the document will look better on smaller screens.

    Since most people don’t own PDF editing software, doing something as seemingly simple as removing these margins is actually quite difficult. Thankfully, our online cropping tool can do the trick!

    How to crop a PDF for free?

    Our automated tool can scan a PDF, identify the white margins around the text, and automatically crop them down. This tool is completely free to use. You don’t need to worry about watermarking and you don’t need to give us your email.

    To start, upload one or up to 20 PDFs. You can do this two ways: either hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button and navigate to your files or drag and drop your PDFs onto the “Drop Your Files Here” field.

    Once your files are uploaded, our cropping tool will get to work. When it is finished, you’ll see a new “DOWNLOAD” button underneath the PDFs thumbnail in the queue. Hit this button to download your newly cropped PDF.

    If you uploaded a bunch of PDFs, you can save yourself some trouble by hitting the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. This will download a ZIP file with all your cropped PDFs included.

    If you need to crop more PDFs, hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button and start again. You can convert batches of 20 PDFs over and over again. There is no limit to how much you can use the tool.

    Is it safe to crop a PDF?

    Cropping a PDF is perfectly safe. First, you can rest assured that your files are secure. Our server is fully automated, so no one has access to your files. What’s more, 60 minutes after you upload your files, our server automatically deletes both the uploads and the cropped PDFs. This ensures your sensitive data stays safe.

    Also, our tool never touches your original PDFs. Those stay safe on your computer or mobile device. If for some reason you are unhappy with the cropped files, you’ll still have your master PDFs just like you did before using the tool.